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Why Buy Refurb

Why Buy a Refurb iPhone/iPad
Over a New One?
General Smartphone Usage Statistics
The number of mobile phone users in the world is
expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. In
2016, an estimated 62.9 percent of the population
worldwide already owned a mobile phone.
Most of the mobile market growth can be attributed to the
increasing popularity of smartphones. By 2014, around 38
percent of all mobile users were smartphone users. By
2018, this number is expected to reach over 50 percent.
The number of smartphone users in the world is
expected to reach 2.7 billion by 2019.
Since its launch in summer 2007, the iPhone has been among the strongest players in the smartphone market.

As of mid-2017, iPhones sold was recorded at 1.2 billion units.

Apple are leading smartphone vendors with about 18 percent of the market share each.
Why Buy a Used Phone?

Most used iPhones are at
least 25 to 30 percent cheaper
than full-price retail phones.
Buying a used iPhone can be a smart way to get the most
value and mileage out of your next
smartphone upgrade.
The longer you keep an iPhone in circulation, the less likely it is to
end up in a landfill. Many used iPhones are perfectly good and are
just being discarded because someone has bought a new iPhone.
By buying a used iPhone,
you are contributing to
preserving the environment. 

The greatest advantage of buying a used
iPhone, for example, is obviously a huge
difference in the price.
You can find the used ones for half the price of the new
ones and some of them had been used only for a month or
two. Why pay hundreds of pounds extra when there is a
cheaper option?
The prices for all previous
iPhone models drop and it is all due to the momentary sensation of a new
Many try to sell their iPhones, which are actually
in great condition, as soon as possible only to
upgrade it to the new one. This is your chance to
get the best deal on that used iPhone.
Another advantage of buying a used iPhone is that they have
already been tested out. They have undergone all kinds of
software patches and improvements.
The thing with the new iPhones is that they might look very
appealing, but they usually suffer from various technical
issues related to the innovative software and a large release.
Recycle your old iPhone  with us and get cash towards your refurbished iPhone! Don't just throw it in a draw gathering dust! 

Buying a Refurbished iPhone or iPad is definitely the way to get the best value! Save yourself over £200 today!